Weight Loss for Stressed Out Ladies

I am so passionate about the transformation of women!

Because I believe healthy and happy women are the key to change in this world.

For many women, the most important first step in transformation is 

conquering the challenge of living in optimal health.

Tackling that issue is oftentimes gives the confidence to dream big 

and set serious goals about every area of life.

This was my personal experience so I can totally relate!

I committed to live my live in surrender, and gratitude and joy, 

and to pursue my passions and live life by my own design.

Part of the joy I currently experience is coaching stressed out ladies 

to lose weight and find joy in life.


The basis of my weight loss program, “Weight Loss for Stressed Out Ladies,” is the effective management of three components:

* Stress *
* Food and Drink Intake *
* Exercise *

And, yes!  We are intelligent, successful women and we all already know this, but here’s the part that might be new to you.  If you haven’t mastered these three components yet and you aren’t already living in optimal health, it’s because you aren’t managing your mind and thoughts in a way that has led you to permanent success.

In the course of six weeks you will learn why every result you get in life starts in the mind, including those failed attempts at physical health.  I will show you how to master those thoughts to get not only a healthy body, but anything else in life!   Your physical health is just the starting point, and you won’t want to stop there once you get started!


What’s Included:

*Six 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions

*Journal for use during program

*Reference materials

*Homework assignments to deepen your knowledge, understanding and practical application of the principles learned during the program.

*Unlimited email support between coaching sessions



Two payment options:

*One (1) payment of $2,499
*Two (2) payments of $1,375


Your Return on Investment is Priceless:

* Learn how to manage stress effectively
* Learn how to think and feel differently about the food and drink that has been keeping you overweight
* Learn how to think and feel differently about exercise and moving your body
* Learn how to love your body unconditionally
* Achieve a healthy body weight
* Effortlessly maintain a healthy weight and body for the rest of your life 

What Clients are saying about
weight loss for stressed out ladies:

It was great working with Debby on my weight loss goals. She taught me things I did not know, and I am so happy I signed up for her program.

Kathleen S.

My weight and eating habits have bothered me for years. I have tried exercise and dieting but have had no significant success until I worked with Debby. Her program provided me with the piece that I was missing!  Once I was able to recognize and think about my mental relationship with eating, stress and exercise, it all fell into place, and I was finally able to make significant gains towards my goals. I now feel confident and in control of a healthy relationship with weight loss, stress, and exercise.
Christina R.

Still Feels like a Big Investment, Right?

I get it! 

You’re afraid to fail again. 

If you knew you couldn’t fail, would the investment be worth it? 

I would like to offer you a complimentary Discovery Call before you make any financial commitment. 

Let’s get to know each other a little before you go any further! 

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