Life Alignment for AmbitiousLadies

If you are not living your life with inspired intention….

If you are not living your life by your own design….

Then you are absolutely not living the best life possible for YOU

As an ambitious professional woman, and also a single mother, 

I struggled with many issues as I sought success in every area of my life.

I had a lot coming at me at all times, but I never took a pause, 

not even before I was a working professional and mother, to design my own life.

I didn’t design my life with inspired intention.

I didn’t design it at all.

My choices and decisions were almost always made from ego and fear, 

so the life I was living was never a true reflection of what was right for me 

as a woman and human being.

How could anyone build a joyful life from a place of ego and fear?!

Success in every area of life was a badge of honor I was killing myself to achieve.

So I took on way too much, and I was always stressed and unhappy.

I had a life-altering experience in 2014.

My brother died unexpectedly.

It was the wake up call I needed to take a good hard look at my life 

and how I was spending it.  

My brother’s death taught me what I had only known conceptually until that time….

that life is fragile and you never know when it’s over.

We don’t all necessarily get to live to a ripe old age.

So then shouldn’t we be living it to the fullest?  

Deciding exactly how we want to spend it.

Who we want to spend it with.

And what we want to do (or not) do during that life??

As I started to evaluate my own life and how I would spend the rest of it, 

I developed a process around a concept called “Life Boxes”.

The process I developed around Life Boxes and Life Alignment has been a 

game changer for me, and how I find joy in my life today!  

I hold Life Box Retreats that combine my favorite topics of 

life balance, mindset and goal setting.  

But Life Boxes and the topic of life balance is the jumping off point!

So I also developed a 4-week mini-program around Life Alignment 

which implements the concept of Life Boxes and the work I have developed 

to identify, assess, prioritize and align Life Boxes.

Today I live a joyful life, completely designed by me and for me….

the true me….not the ego-based version of myself.  

Does this mean I no longer pursue professional and financial achievement and success?  Absolutely Not!

Does this mean I no longer have a lot of different things going on in my life 

that compete for my time and attention?  

Absolutely Not!

But life feels entirely different when it’s by your own inspired design, 

and I wouldn’t go back my old way of living life for all the tea in China 

Nor all the money and status you can attain either!

I relate so strongly and passionately with other ambitious professional women.

Life Alignment for Ambitious Ladies was created for all of us, starting with myself.

Part of the joy I currently experience is coaching stressed out ambitious professional women 

to bring their lives into balance and live by their own design.  

It’s a beautiful life, Ladies!!  

Please join me!


The basis of my mini-program, “Life Alignment for Ambitious Ladies,” is a process I developed to dive deeply and meaningfully into Life Boxes!

Life Boxes are all those areas of your life that when viewed together can be a bit overwhelming.  Professional, ambitious women struggle with so many competing demands.  We want to do it all!  And we want to succeed at absolutely everything we do! 

Because we take on so much, and because we are so invested in everything we do, we can find ourselves burnt out, unhappy and feeling a total lack of joy in our lives.

Over the course of four weeks we will work together to identify your Life Boxes, assess and prioritize your Life Boxes, and finally, work to align your Life Boxes.  You will learn why every result you get in life starts in the mind, including those failed attempts at balance and happiness.  I will show you how to master those thoughts to start down the road of designing a life with inspired intention! 


What’s Included:

*Three 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions

*Life Box Worksheets for use during program

*Homework assignments to deepen your knowledge, understanding and practical application of the principles learned during the program.

*Unlimited email support between coaching sessions

*Discounted enrollment for a Life Box Retreat



Two payment options:

*One (1) payment of $1,250
*Two (2) payments of $690


Your Return on Investment is Priceless:

* Learn how to identify and manage your life priorities
* Learn how to think and feel differently about your Life Boxes
* Learn how to balance your life using your Life Box Assessment
* Understand the role mindset plays in your level of joy and happiness
* Understand how your actions and priorities may not be currently aligned
* Learn to align your priorities with your time management 

* Learn to start living your life joyfully and by your own design

Would You Like to Learn More about My Life Box Work?

Would you like to know more before you commit? 

I completely understand!

I would like to offer you a complimentary Discovery Call before you make any financial commitment. 

Let’s get to know each other a little before you go any further! 

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