Serving Stressed Out Professional Ladies!

Can You Think of Anything More Beautiful Than an Empowered Woman Who Prioritizes Her Own Self-Love and Care,
and Lives Her Life with Inspired Intention and Joy?

This Can Be You!

If you’re a woman suffering from burnout and a high stress lifestyle, 

then chances are you aren’t taking enough time for the most important thing of all…..YOU!

*You probably don’t prioritize your own self-care


*You probably haven’t taken the time to design your life and live it with inspired intention!

Neglecting yourself in this manner has natural consequences, and none of them are good!  

For a lot of women, health and self esteem suffer greatly.

We gain excess weight. 

We feel self-loathing and diminished self-worth.

We don’t take time to prioritize what feeds our soul.

The undercurrent of discontent builds over time,

and we wake up one morning deeply dissatisfied with the life we are living.

As women, we serve many roles in life.

We are mothers and wives.

We are daughters and sisters.

We also have careers, goals and friendships to nurture and realize.

We have things we want to do, and be, and say.

But how can we have it all, and be the best versions of ourselves, if our emotional and physical tanks are on empty?

The answer is we can’t!

My mission is to empower women by supporting them as they design and live their lives with inspired intention.

Once a woman starts living life by her own inspired design, she feels gratitude, power and joy.  

I truly believe women are the key to change in this crazy world.

Yet no woman can serve her highest and best purpose until she puts on own oxygen mask first.

I am a certified life and health coach, and a retreat leader.

The programming I have developed is the result of years of my own struggle with life balance 

as a professional woman and single mother.

I squandered much of my daughter’s childhood in a state of overwhelm, stress eating, 

self-loathing, unhappiness and discontent.  

I was completely out of balance in all respects.

Conquering my battle with stress eating and getting healthy was the first step for me personally.

The strategies I learned working with a life coach, and through my own self-coaching, 

transformed not only my body, but absolutely every single area of my life!

I would love to help you do the same.

Please join me.

Do any of These Statements Resonate with You?

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